International & Cross Border

Setting up businesses in Australia

Australia uses a complex framework to regulate business and consumer behaviour in order to achieve its renowned & healthy economic growth. At CCS we have a significant portfolio of foreign subsidiaries including some well-known brands and foreign listed international businesses.

Establishing business in Australia means that foreign organizations will need to comply with obligations to ASIC and the Australian Tax Office (ATO). This may include:

  • Annual audit of financial statements
  • Appointing an Australian resident director
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Establish an international tax strategy for GST, income tax and other state taxes
  • Lodging an Australian income tax return
  • Structuring your organization to reflect your business strategy
  • Taxation of dividend, interest, royalty and distributions paid to foreign investors
  • Understanding of transfer pricing and ATO ‘safe harbour’

Investing in and out of Australia

Many of our clients are entrepreneurs with complex international affairs and we work with the client and their investment advisers to achieve the best results. For foreign investors we offer services such as:

  • Managing tax audits of High Net Wealth Individuals
  • Tax residency advice and practical guidance
  • Tax return preparation and lodgement
  • Tax Structuring of wealth for temporary resident
  • Wealth protection

For more information about setting up you your business in Australia, please contact us on 02 9579 2000 (Hurstville office).